Fall 2016

Earl Marriott Students left uncertain over lead levels in water


About the Story

For our first Original News Story, I decided to go back to my roots - namely, my old high school. Earl Marriott Secondary in South Surrey is an older building and the school board recently discovered unsafe amounts of lead in the drinking water, enough that students were warned not to consume any of it. The story had been reported on in local news, but I decided to talk to the people most affected by this issue - the students. I was lucky enough to sit down with two Grade 12's who gave me their viewpoints and helped me write my first original story. It was a stressful experience, but it was all worth it!

BC schools see signs of increased US applicants after Trump election


About the Story

One thing that's been in the news a lot is the wave of immigration interest from Americans during the past election cycle. This had me thinking: "Will there be students coming over?" I paid a visit to the international centers of BCIT and UBC to see if there's been any increase in US applicants, and it's still a little early in the year to tell, but it looks like BC may be seeing a lot of new students next September. 

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