Video Productions

A page for all the short video productions made for various classes, ranging from simple slideshows, to fully made short films. 

The History of Coffee

A short storytelling project, integrating scriptwriting, pictures, and audio. Our group chose to tell the story of one of our favourite drinks, the reason we get through all those 8am classes!

Wilson's Halloween - Silent Feature

Our first video production was a short silent film where we used all that we've learnt about shots and sequences to put together a story. Pumpkin carving contests aren't as family friendly as they used to be!

Making the Grade - Fun Feature

Our final project for the term was a short film incorporating all we had learnt about sequencing, script writing, lighting, filming and editing. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it! 'Making the Grade' is about an American student at BCIT who needs to go to desperate lengths to keep up his grades and stay in the country - or else...

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